Meet your 2013 Homecoming Court

Jessica Boehm

Campus: ASU Downtown Phoenix

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism and Mass Communications

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Jessica is involved as a Community Assistant at Taylor Place, an active member of One Team, and a senior leader for Devils Discovering Downtown. She has also worked with Changemaker Central, helped teach a civic engagement class for Barrett, The Honors College, and served as a senator for Undergraduate Student Government Downtown.
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Jessica said her favorite Homecoming memory is “working the Changemaker Central tent during the Block Party last year and then seeing the creativity of all the floats during the Parade.”

When asked why she chose to become a Sun Devil, Jessica replied “I chose to become a Sun Devil because I knew that ASU would give me the best of both worlds. I could be a part of a huge university with exciting football games and contagious school spirit while getting the finest academic training in the world. After touring the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication with my parents we were all convinced that it couldn’t possibly get better than this.”

When asked how she demonstrates her Sun Devil spirit, pride, and tradition, Jessica replied with “I show my spirit, pride and tradition by supporting our student athletes, wearing gold on Fridays and maroon on Mondays and encouraging others to bleed maroon and gold in all that they do. This transcends into my academic world as I always try to perform in a way that will make the university proud. But my favorite aspect of spirit, pride and tradition is creating new traditions that will be carried on long after I walk across the stage at commencement.“

Adam Goldsmith

Campus: ASU West

Year: Sophomore

Major: Applied Computing

Hometown: Syosser, New York

Adam is involved in The Barrett Residential College, and Eros & Enlightenment: A Critical Theory Collective.

Adam says his favorite Homecoming Memory is “The homecoming Parade. The energy is infectious and I knew that I was a part of the Sun Devil Community.”
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When asked why he chose to become a Sun Devil, Adam responded with “I chose to become a Sun Devil because of the immense amount of resources available for students, the opportunities that are available, and the supportive community found across ASU.

demonstrates his Sun Devil spirit, pride, and tradition by stating, “I exemplify the Sun Devil way by putting forth my best efforts professionally, socially, and academically, so that every action I take is one that I am proud of.”

Samantha Hill

Campus: ASU Downtown Phoenix

Year: Senior

Major: Social Work

Hometown: Bakersfield, CA

Danielle is involved in the Social Work Student Organization, National Residence Hall Honorary, National Society of Collegiate Scholars at Arizona State University, Phi Alpha Honor society Theta Tau Chapter, and Residence Hall Association.

Samantha’s favorite Sun Devil Homecoming memory is “One of my favorite Sun Devil Homecoming memories comes from homecoming 2011 Past, Present and Future. This was the first year that I got to participate in ASU’s oldest homecoming tradition of the lantern walk. From getting my candle, to the walk up A mountain, to the light rail ride back, it was the first time I felt truly connected to something much larger.”
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When asked why Samantha chose to become a Sun Devil, she stated, “I applied to ASU after hearing the stories from my high school math teacher, Mr. Gundry, an ASU Alum. After attending an orientation over the summer, I knew that ASU was where I wanted to be. The College of Public Programs was so welcoming and has provided me with so many opportunities to excel. “

Samantha stated that she shows her Sun Devil spirit, pride, and tradition by, “I show my Sun Devil spirit, pride and tradition every day. My bedroom walls in Taylor Place are covered with ASU posters and Sun Devil Laws. Every game day when I take the light rail to Tempe, it’s common for me to get the Fight Song going. As a community assistant I continually help others fulfill their Sun Devil dreams. From maroon Mondays to gold Fridays to the stickers on my car to the wallpapers on my laptop and phone to the lanyard on my keys I’m proud to be a Sun Devil. “

Braxton Hynes

Campus: ASU Tempe

Year: Junior

Major: Justice Studies

Hometown: Carol Stream, IL

Braxton is involved in Team Tillman Scholars, Barrett Residential Council, National Residence Hall Honorary, Golden Key International Honor Society, Sigma Kappa Sorority, Barrett Leadership and Service Team, “Vagina Monologues” @ ASU, ASU Swing Devils, Woman as Hero, Arizona Attorney General’s Office, ASU new Student Orientation, and Lost Our Home Pet Foundation.

When asked what her favorite Sun Devil Homecoming memory was, Braxton replied, “The 2012 Lantern Walk was by far one of my favorite memories at ASU. It gave me chills to see the lights from everyone’s candles twinkling in the dark and to imagine that I was walking in the footsteps of so many Sun Devils that have come before me. It was absolutely magical to be a part of one of ASU’s oldest traditions!”
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Braxton chose to become a Sun Devil because “I was so impressed by not only Barrett, the Honors College, but also by the incredible innovations and leaders that ASU was turning out year after year. It is such a dream to be able to learn from incredible faculty, collaborate with the changemakers that make up the student body, and to be able to do all this in one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the country. I am so grateful to be a part of the Sun Devil community and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.”

When asked how she shows her Sun Devil spirit, pride, and tradition, Braxton stated. “I show my spirit, pride, and tradition by being as active within the ASU community as I possibly can! I have tried my best and continue to strive to not only be active in ASU’s traditions, but also work to improve and enrich the experiences of my fellow Sun Devils. This year my goal is to get more involved with the veterans on campus through the Tillman Scholars Program. It would be a huge honor for me to give back to those who have served our country. I also love to get the freshman pumped up during orientation about all the adventures that await them at ASU. I am always rockin’ my gold on Fridays, and I never pass up an opportunity to sing the Fight Song at the top of my lungs. Everywhere I go, you bet people know: I bleed maroon and gold!”

Hannah Kolar

Campus: ASU Polytechnic

Year: Senior

Major: Engineering with a Mechanical and Aeronautical Focus

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Hannah is involved in Women in Science and Engineering, USGP Student Fee and Allocation Board, and Club to College.

Hannah said that her favorite Homecoming memory is “Last year I had two friends who were seniors and at the Lantern Walk they passed me and my other friend in my grade their candles like they used to do at the lantern walk when it first started.”
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Hannah chose to become a Sun Devil because: “I loved the hand on learning engineering program, my cousins who lived in Phoenix went here and they loved it. I got a Provost scholarship that gave me in state tuition prices.”

When asked how Hannah shows her Sun Devil spirit, pride, and tradition, she responded with, “I paint my nails maroon and glittery gold, I always wear gold on Fridays, and I haven’t missed a home game my whole time here at ASU.”

Travis Marshall

Campus: ASU Polytechnic

Year: Senior

Major: Engineering with a Robotics and Electrical focus

Hometown: Mesa, AZ

Travis is involved in the Programming and Activities Board, and Poly Honors Devils

Travis said that his favorite Sun Devil Homecoming memory was “Last year I went to the Glow in the Dark Party in the Park at ASU Downtown Phoenix with some friends, and that event was fantastic! We got to dance with Sparky and had a blast finding tons of people we knew, and we even made a bunch of new friends while we were there.
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The reason this experience sticks out was because it was so unique and still overflowed with Sun Devil spirit.

Travis chose to become a Sun Devil because “When I got here, I intended to transfer out of state to pursue my undergraduate degree, but once I was here, I fell in love with my degree program, this campus, and ASU as a whole. Everything here is new and exciting, and I get to have the support of ASU behind me while being on a campus that feels like it is where I am supposed to be. It took less than a semester for me to choose to truly become a Sun Devil, and that is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Travis demonstrates his spirit, pride, and tradition by “My Sun Devil Spirit, Pride, and Tradition come out best when I get to brag about my experience here. I love talking about participating in the fullest way possible in campus events, going to football games, and being in a community of scholars and like-minded people who I can have a blast with any time. Whether I am talking to a friend from high school, a prospective student, or an audience of people, I can hardly contain my excitement enough to fit it into words. Whether I am wearing suit and tie at Poly’s Devil’s Royale, attending an RHA or BLOC event, or yelling at the top of my lungs, showing the new students to the student section what it means to support our Sun Devil Football Team out on the field, I can always feel the excitement radiating all around me. “

Aysia Pennell

Campus: ASU West

Year: Senior

Major: Sociology and Political Science

Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Aysia is involved in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Aysia’s favorite Sun Devil Homecoming memory includes, “In my freshman year I talked all of my friends into coming with me to the Sun Devil Homecoming Parade. After about twenty minutes I got separated from the group, and began wandering around aimlessly. Once they realized I was alone I got adopted by a group of people in maroon and gold morph suits. Best parade ever. “
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When asked why she chose to become a Sun Devil, Aysia responded, “I chose to become a Sun Devil because as an out of state student it was important to me to go to a school where I would feel a sense of community. There is no greater tradition than being a Sun Devil, and that pride is something that I will always carry with me. “

Aysia shows her spirit, pride, and tradition by, “I show my spirit, pride, and tradition by assisting other students in making their Sun Devil journey everything they want it to be.”

Cassidy Possehl

Campus: ASU Tempe

Year: Junior

Major: Genetics and Cell Development Biology

Hometown: Denver, CO

Cassidy is involved in Undergraduate Student Government, Chi Omega, Camp Kesem, Alpha Phi Omega, and NSCS.

When asked what her favorite Sun Devil Homecoming memory, Cassidy responded with: “Winning homecoming with my sorority last year! We went to all of the events and made a huge Sparky float and got to walk next to it in the parade!”
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Cassidy said that she chose to become a Sun Devil because, “I chose to become a Sun Devil because I love being involved and playing a large role in my school. I knew that coming to ASU meant that I would be able to be involved in things so much bigger than myself and eventually have an opportunity to be a leader of some of the impactful projects.”

Cassidy shows her spirit, pride, and tradition in these ways. “I live, eat, and breathe ASU. I’ve lived on campus all 3 years and wouldn’t have it any other way. From wearing gold on Fridays to being at every home football game to being at as many on campus activities and in as many organizations as possible, my spirit, pride, and tradition is all about being the loudest, most involved, and most impactful Sun Devil I can be.”